‘Twitter Is Like a Cocktail Party’

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Rob Novak Twitter pageCame across a nice analysis of Twitter from our friend and Lotus Rock Star, Rob Novak. In “Three weeks of tweets for a Domino guy,” Rob favorably compares  Twitter to a cocktail party …

Twitter and other social media are like going to a cocktail party … I expect to talk to lots of people, care about what some of them have to say, filter a lot of personal stuff that doesn’t affect me while looking interested (how rude!), and come away – if not inebriated – with a few nuggets of great information, some great new contacts, and an idea or two out of the social interaction we have in a group that size. This dynamic – and EVERY networking event you’ve ever attended – is very similar to consistent use of social media in a targeted fashion. Assuming you accept the premise that the cocktail party is like using Twitter…would you skip the cocktail party with your colleagues and new people you don’t know, because some of what you might hear is irrelevant to you? Aren’t the pieces of good information, “intel”, and new contacts worth the filtering you have to do? I personally believe it is, so will choose to close this blog entry and go tweet about it.

Great analogy, Rob. Now I’m gonna go Tweet about it. Wait, I’m not Tweeting yet. Is @twitterrockstar still available?

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