Maxi-Seal’s Hardshell J560 Connector Receives Final Patent Approval


GRANDVIEW, MO (December 2012) – Maxi-Seal Harness Systems, Inc., a division of Peterson Manufacturing Company, has received patent approval (US Patent No. 8,251,732) on the industry’s first hardshell J560 connector for heavy-duty trucks, trailers and trailer dollies.

The patented design utilizes a rigid connector and flange that is engineered to hold up against snow and ice build-up better than integrally molded flange designs. A strong, flexible flange snaps onto the connector for easy installation while the use of an overmolded engineering-grade resin ensures a durable bond between the black hardshell connector and the gray overmold. An integrally molded ring gasket inside the connector seals the face of the socket to keep out moisture and harsh corrosives.

“We are pleased to have final patent approval on this product,” said Maxi-Seal General Manager Kevin Cornelius. “Since first applying for this patent, our J560 connector has been proven over billions of road miles. The industry has needed an improvement in the J560 connection for a long time. We have answered the demand with this innovative product.”

Maxi-Seal’s hardshell J560 connector is available in straight and right angle versions. The standard right angle version has a six o’clock wire exit, but can be custom configured in any exit orientation. Both forms install easily into a standard 2 ¼” diameter mounting hole and utilize the same Tramec Smart Box® socket that is readily available for replacement.


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