Prime Design Ladder Racks Aligns with R·O·M

BELTON, MO and WEST SAINT PAUL, MN (April 2012) – Prime Design Ladder Racks is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with R·O·M Corporation that furthers its ability to provide market-leading products to a wide customer base. Prime Design will become a subsidiary of R·O·M and maintain its presence in West Saint Paul. Prime Design President Avi […]

Tips on phpMyAdmin CSV Importing

Recently I needed to bring a spreadsheet of data into a MySQL database table using the phpMyAdmin web front-end. It had been a while since I had last done this, and some of the import screen’s options didn’t seem to make sense. Why was the default value separator a semicolon? Was there something I had forgotten about the CSV […]

Colorado Buffalo Stampede

JUNE 10, 2010 — Came across an article today about the University of Colorado leaving the Big 12 Conference. The article, titled “Buffaloes Start College Realignment Stampede” (article by Greg Hall at KC Confidential is no longer online) reminded us of a more literal stampede by a singular Colorado Buffalo many moons ago. (Can one […]

Looking Back at the 2004 Google IPO

When it comes to search engines, we’ve had a lot of experience. Having implemented online optimization and marketing campaigns for our clients for a decade now, we’ve been around since the early days of the industry. And it was clear from the beginning that Google was — and is — ahead of the field. That’s why it is […]

Marketing and Minor League Hockey

We recently attended our first Missouri Mavericks minor league hockey game in Independence. Though we’ve been to over a hundred minor league games in the past, this marked the first time actually sitting and watching a game in its entirety (more on that later). And wow, what a nice experience! With four children (two families) in tow, we […]

Press Release Optimization for Search Engines

Business leaders know the importance of press releases in promoting a company’s services, products and noteworthy announcements. Beyond just getting a press release written, however, is getting the news seen and noticed by its target audience. Today, press releases provide a large volume of content to search engines and can rank highly in Google, Yahoo […]

Title Tags and Search Engines

Previous posts covered the keyword meta tag and the description meta tag. Though HTML title tags aren’t meta tags per se, we usually discuss them in relation to keywords and descriptions. So let’s take a look. In our opinion, properly deployed title tags give you as much “bang for your buck” as any SEO activity. Sure, backlinks, anchor […]